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Intro to course

We have some great news: You don’t need an MBA or any formal higher education to grow your business. All you need is some solid basic knowledge in several key focus areas. That’s exactly what we’ve created in the WiseBrand Academy. We’ve designed 12 modular lessons that you can complete in your own time—whether it’s one sitting or throughout several weeks. We provide the material; you choose your pace.

The Goal?

After completing the three chapters of our Academy, you’ll be able to:
a. Make a business strategy and budget
b. Create your brand
c. Market and grow your business

12 lessons in 40 mins

  • Research & strategy
  • Marketing & Growth
  • Branding
  • Reports & Analysis

Market Research

The term “research and strategy” might sound intimidating. But just think of how often we naturally research and plan any major event or endeavor in our lives: college, home ownerhship, weddings, babies… No one would even dream of tackling any of these without putting in some legwork first. In this first chapter, we’ll walk you through the research and strategy process so you can anticipate and be prepared for peaks and valleys of running a business.


Intro to Research

3 minutes

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Define Your Audience

7 minutes



Unique Selling Point

6 minutes

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Business Plan & Budget

7 minutes


Branding Your Business

Want to create a memorable and relatable personality for your business that connects with customers? Build your brand assets, logo, website and more.


Intro to Branding

3 minutes



Creating Your Brand

4 minutes



Brand Identity

9 minutes

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Create Your Assets

3 minutes

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Growth Hacking

Understand the world behind online marketing and promoting your brand online. This chapter will give you the foundation you need to handle your own marketing activities, and brand online presence.


Intro to Growth

4 minutes

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Organic Growth

6 minutes

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Paid Traffic

10 minutes

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Content & Email Marketing

4 minutes


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